Vittorio Bresciani & Francesco Nicolosi





Vittorio Bresciani and Francesco Nicolosi formed a piano duo in 1998 with the aim of promoting Liszt's symphonic work through his splendid two piano transcriptions. Both pianists studied under Vincenzo Vitale, wellknown for his teachings of Liszt, and both have always been fascinated by Liszt's music and the virtuoso nineteenth century piano repertoire. Liszt and Thalberg are at the centre of their respective worlds and their solo performances. This affinity between the two pianists created this extraordinary artistic partnership.


The project began with the Faust-Symphonie from Goethe, Liszt's most significant work and a perfect way of celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great German poet, born in 1749.

The two pianists performed at a large number of Italy's leading concert venues, including the famous Teatro Bellini in Catania, and the Wagnerian Festival of Ravello, Teatro alla Scala in Milan,  the Arena Foundation in Verona, the Ravenna Festival, among others.


In the 1999 the two artists have made their American debut at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage in Washington D.C  and in the 2004  they made their  Germany debut at the Weimar Kunstfest with the project Dante-Symphonie Multimediale. In the 2006, with the same project, the Franz Liszt Piano Duo was in Buenos Aires(Festival Chopin), Budapest(Liszt Festival), Rome(Accademia di Santa Cecilia) and Naples(Teatro di San Carlo)


The Franz Liszt Piano Duo follows in the footsteps of other famous historical duos perfoming Liszt's work, such as Thausig and von Bülow, and Friedheim and Siloti, two of Liszt's pupils who presented this program of performances at the Gewandhaus in Letpzig in 1885.



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